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Photographs of the 2007 Antique Police Car Show
held at the New York City Police Museum on the weekend of June 9-10, 2007.
 the photos of Tom Sheehy 
 the photos of Dave Arnold  of  COPCAR.com 
 the photos of Greg Reynolds - CPD 

The 2006 Antique Police Car Show
Photographs of the 2006 Antique Police Car Show held at the
New York City Police Museum on the weekend of June 3-4, 2006.
Photos courtesy Tom Sheehy of the Clarkstown, NY Police Department

PDNYC.COM photos of the 2005 Antique Police Car Show
Photographs from the 2005 Antique Police Car Show held
at the New York City Police Museum in June of 2005. Check out the other pages of PDNYC.COM while there.

NOTE: Additional show photos can be found at COPCAR.COM in the Car Shows
section of the photo archives.

The 2004 Antique Police Car Show
Photographs from the 2004 Antique Police Car Show held at the New York City Police Museum in June of 2004.

The New York City Police Museum
The New York City Police Museum is located at 100 Old Slip, the historic old 1st Precinct, in New York City between Water Street and South Street, just 4 blocks South of the South Street Seaport.

The NYPD - the New York City Police Department
The Mission of the New York City Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in the City by working in partnership with the community and in accordance with constitutional rights to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear, and provide for a safe environment.

NYPD Angels
A chronological listing of all members of the New York City Police Department
killed in the line of duty along with a summary of the incident.

The 23NYPD.com
Home of the NYPD Video Memorial, the FDNY Video Memorial, the Port Authority Video Memorial, and the P.O. Ramon Suarez Video Memorial. Dedicated to America's Heroes of September Eleventh.

The Bent Wheel - the (Unofficial NYPD Harbor Unit Website)
Dedicated to the memory of NYPD Sgt. Howard Smith (#2085) who retired from the Harbor Unit in 1990 after 22 years in the Unit and 37 years on the Force. The NYPD Harbor Unit remains a fascination for many people - not the least of which are those who view them patrolling the harbors and bridges from their skyscrapers in Manhattan.

Launch 5 - the "Patrolman Henry A. Walburger"
Patrolman Henry Walburger was assigned to the 9th Precinct where, on July 27, 1964, he was gunned down in the line of duty while protecting a family from an armed intruder. When Launch 5 was commissioned in 1966 she was named after Patrolman Walburger. 

the Brooklyn North Squad Room
Investigative insight,social commentary and general blabbering heard around the squad room. Along with some educational detective info and history. Something for (almost) everyone, including cigars, books, and entertainment.

History of the NYC Transit Police
Take a ride into the history of the earliest transit cops and follow their development into one of the largest specialized police departments in the country, and their merger into the NYPD in 1995.

Welcome to the Web site dedicated to the New York City Transit Police Department. The New York City Transit Police Department existed until 1995 when it merged with the NYPD in what was known as the "hostile takeover." The aim of this site is to bring together the collectables of the NYCTPD (New York City Transit Police) onto one site, these pages are also dedicated to the men and women who served in the NYCTPD. .

NYPD Collector's Corner
YAHOO GROUPS- This site is for people who collect items relating to the New York City Police Department. Also a place where collectors can discuss the history of the NYPD.
Join NYPD Collector's Corner to discuss or learn more about what you see on POLICE N.Y.

NYPDTPF Tactical Patrol Force NYPD
YAHOO GROUPS- This group is for former members of the New York City Police Department's Tactical Patrol Force. "Our Like Will Never Be Seen Again." Open to former TPF officers only.

The Patch department
A personal law enforcement patch collection including over 500 NYPD items.

This online magazine features true accounts of the men and women of the NYPD. The site also features a Book of the Month with reviews and excerpts. Those who visit the site include many members of the global law enforcement community.

New York Cop Writer
The web site of Det. Al Sheppard, ESU-Major Case Squad, NYPD, retired
and author of "E-Man" (2006) the story of his ten years as a proud member of the
NYPD Emergency Service Unit.

The Las Vegas Ten-13 Club is comprised of retired New York City Police Officers from all ranks and retired Law Enforcement Officers from other Police agencies. The mission/goal
of the organization is to share a common bond, camaraderie and law enforcement professionalism, working to provide law enforcement personnel who are retiring to the great city and state of Las Vegas, Nevada, a head start for their move.

DEDICATED TO THE MEN & WOMEN OF THE 44 PCT NYPD to further link members
of the 44 Precinct to each other FOREVER !

Bruce's Place . . . on the World Wide Web!
25 years on the NYPD. Bruce's straightforward views on things plus . . . well, check it out, it's worth the visit. Check out his Law Enforcement career page.

New York's Finest Baseball Club
New York's finest baseball Club which has a Non for profit status, consists of 30 New York City Police Officers who work in various communities throughout the city. NY Finest Baseball members come together as does a family, where there is no rank on the field.

the Finest Golf Society - Law Enforcement Golf
The Finest Golf Society is a registered golf club with the Metropolitan Golf Association. The purpose of the Finest Golf Society Association it to create a comfortable environment for men and women of Law Enforcement to enjoy a round of golf and to socialize with you peers.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department.

The Naked City
There are 8 million stories in the Naked City. This great show is now on DVD. Look for the real RMPs in the scenes filmed in front of the station house.

NOTE: Image Entertainment has released 60 of the 99 one hour episodes
of this great show on DVD but has no plans to release the remaining ones.
If you would like to see them released please contact Image Entertainment at
and ask them to consider releasing the remaining episodes.

CAR 54- Where Are You?
Car 54- Where are You? A fan site. Yes, the actual car used was red. On black and white TV you could not tell it was not green.

The site features a vast array of photographs of police vehicles from the 1920's on up to modern day. It is believed that copcar dot com is the largest copcar site on the Internet, with over a million visitors having dropped by in just  5 years.

The Police Car Web Site
Look for New York City police vehicles under- "Vehicles by State- New York".

A UK site with plenty of NYPD and other US photos. Check out the "preserved and scrappers" page for the movie prop cars.

"Through my photography and video, I hope to keep the history of my experiences with the
FDNY & EMS alive for future generations." Steve has been a Freelance photographer for
more than 25 years. His photo's have appeared in all the major Newspapers in the New York
City area, including the New York Times, Daily News, Newsday, N.Y. Post, Associated
Press, and UPI. He was also published in Firehouse, Fire Engineering and WNYF
magazines and other publications.

Team Finest Scanner Recordings
A resource for scanning monitor enthusiasts in the New York area.

NYPD, FDNY and EMS Frequencies and more.

LAWMAN Badges and Emblems
Handmade NYPD badge and emblem gift sculptures.

NYC's First and Only Retired NYPD Officer -Licensed Sightseeing Guide. Walking Tours, Driving Tours, Step-on Bus Tours with a NYC Cop's Point of view. Down to earth and spoken in a simple clear and honest manner. New York City Tours Available- Over 600 Tours Given- VERY FLEXIBLE WITH TIMES AND ITINERARY.

Dive Boat Karen
Welcome to the Dive Boat Karen website. A charter dive boat operated by a former member of the NYPD scuba unit.

BROOKLYN COLLECTIBLES- Brooklyn Collectibles (www.brooklynpix.com) has offered high quality photographic views of Brooklyn and New York City neighborhoods to the public since 1980. Assembled by author and local historian Brian Merlis, the archives boast thousands of images of theatres, high schools, Coney Island, Ebbets Field, trolleys, railroads and subways, stores, and regular street scenes. Pictures are mostly from the 1890 to 1965 era.

SmallTownBrooklyn - Brooklyn is the world's largest SmallTown
Dedicated to the neighborhoods between the Brooklyn Bridge & Prospect Park.

Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum in NYC
One of the most successful ships in US history, the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, is now one of the most unique attractions in New York City. Berthed on the mighty Hudson River in Manhattan, the Museum boasts educational exhibits and exciting events.

Links about History in New York
Gary's New York Pages - NY Area History Links. Many wonderful links about New York City and the metroploitan area. Something for everybody.

Forgotten New York
The infrastructure of a lost metropolis.

the Somerville (Mass.) Police Department Historical Unit
Somerville is a city just north of Boston. With a total population of 77,478 and only slightly over 4 square miles of land, it is the most densely populated city in New England and the fifth densest city in the United States after Union City, Hoboken, Passaic and New York City. Not a metropolitan New York police agency but a look at this well done web site will hopefully encourage others to document the history of their department.

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