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 What's New Page 

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Ptl. - "the patrolman"
the Members of the Force on patrol
 "Around the Clock" - p. 1         "MOF on Patrol" - p. 2 
 "1960 Pay Scale" and "1968 Duty Chart" - p. 3 
 "Uniform Portraits" - p. 4         "a collar" - p. 5 
 "Cops on foot" - p. 6       "a New York cop 1909-1932" - p. 7 
 "a cop's career in the '60s and '70s" - p. 8 
 "a cop's career in the early 1900's" - p. 9 
 "Patrolman or Police Officer - New York's Finest" - p. 10 
 "a cop's career 1948-1969" - p. 11 
 "Babies! - they're part of the job!" - p. 12 
 "When Cops Retire" - p. 13 
 "Phillipaitis and Dad - on the job" - p. 14 
 "paper work- it goes with the job" - p. 15 
 "3 generations of Gannon in the NYPD" - p. 16 
 "from the career of Joseph J. Gannon" - p. 17 
 "some NYPD photos through the years" - p. 18 
 "William J. and Robert Begg, NYPD" - p. 19 
 "Officer photos and portraits" - p. 20 
 "( Charlie) J. Piwowarski Jr. - Sh# 26373" - p. 21 
 "I mourn . . .   the NYPD of my youth." - p. 22 
 "more officer photos and portraits" - p. 23 
 "and more officer photos and portraits" - p. 24 

Motor Patrol
. . . by radio car, motorcycle or scooter
 "MOF on Motor Patrol" - Page 1     
 "68 Ptl. Sandy DeGuida" - Page 2 
 "Views from the 73" - Page 3     
 "PO Mike Sileo in Brooklyn North" - Page 4 
 "More MOF on Motor Patrol" - Page 5     
 "Some Motor Patrol vehicle photos" - Page 6     
 "Old photos from the 48 (Bathgate Ave) Pct." - Page 7 

the Tactical Patrol Force
 "1959- and you had to be at least 6 feet tall" - p. 1 
 "a poem about the TPF - the Tactical Patrol Force" - p. 2 

the Emergency Service Division
 Trucks  Page 1     Page 2        REPs        Squad locations- 1948 and 1956 
 ESS on the job   Page 1    Page 2     Page 3     Page 4     Page 5     Page 6 

the Bomb Squad
 the job calls for nerves of steel and a truck to match 

Aviation Bureau / Harbor Unit
 NYPD on the sea and in the air      Ship fire 
 vintage Aviation photos 
 vintage Harbor photos      Harbor Unit early history 

Highway Yearbook - 1979
 excellent recap of the Highway District from the year 1979 

Early NYPD Vehicles
 the early 1900's

RMPs - the Radio Motor Patrol car
 the 1920's            the 1930's            the 1940's 
        the 1950's            the 1960's            the 1970's       

RMP Lights and Sirens
 See the Lights and and actually hear the Sirens   Lights and Sirens notes 

Patrol Wagons
 "Perp my ride!"

Motor Transport Section
 the vehicle shops

Radio - CB, CU, CD
the Communications Bureau, Unit or Division
     "Central"      Radio Repair Support      Radio facts and trivia       

"the house"
old precinct station houses
This section is dedicated to the memory of retired
Det. 1st Grade John T. Reilly who was a noted
NYPD historian and who had a special interest in the
history of New York City precincts. The Manhattan precincts
were a favorite of his. John freely shared his knowledge
of the old precincts for all to enjoy in these pages.
 HQ and other units      Manhattan South      Manhattan North    
 the Bronx      Brooklyn South      Brooklyn North    
 Queens      Richmond 

Early NYPD
the NYPD in the early 1900's
 page 1      page 2

NYPD Nostalgia
various images of old NYPD
 Page 1        Page 2        Page 3        Page 4      

 things no longer seen in the NYPD today 

Before 1973 women in the NYPD
held the title of "Policewoman" and
were not assigned to regular patrol duties
 "Policewomen" in the Police Academy 
 working Policewomen 

the Police Camp and Recreation Centre
-Note: there will be a 2008 Reunion on Aug 2nd-
see pages for details

 many police officers families spent enjoyable summers up in the Catskills 
 photos from the August 4th, 2007 Reunion 

Transit Police
 the New York City Transit Authority Police Department 
 Roll Call at District 5 and 31 - Sept. 1968 
 early RMPs 

Housing Police
 the New York City Housing Authority Police Department 

RMPs - NYPD Blue
 Blue and white, . . .      White and blue . . .      and Red, White and Blue 

Will the next new RMP be a Dodge?
 Dodge Charger Demonstrator     in-service - Highway     in-service - Precincts 

A day at the beach-
 Modern patrol vehicles of the 100th Precinct 

the 32 in the snow
 the record snowfall of February 12, 2006 

NYPD Restorations
           green, black and white RMPs            blue and white RMPs          
 other vehicles                  Harbor and Aviation 

the NYPD on screen
check out the "RMPs in the movies" video
 in the movies            on television 

NYPD models
 die cast models        custom paints and kits 

Contact POLICE N.Y.
 POLICE N.Y. Contact Page 

Calendar of Events
the great Finbar Devine marches in the
1995 St. Patricks Day Parade for the last time
 NYPD related shows and events 

American soldiers wounded in Iraq
were honored with a motorcade

to Breezy Point and the Rockaways
escorted by the NYPD and the FDNY.
 the "Wounded Warrior Project" motorcade of July 6, 2006 

REMA 2005 "Day of Remembrance"
 honoring all members of ESU who made the ultimate sacrifice 

Favorite Links
related web sites of interest including
the New York City Police Museum
 Favorite Links page 

the PAPD
the Port Authority Police of New York and New Jersey

the Nassau County Police Museum
photos of the 2005 Open House

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