RMPs-   White and Blue

. . . some shots of the all white, blue graphics cars. . .

RMPs 4176 and 2510 cover the 2007 Auto Show
19th Precinct Housing Unit car - September 2006
photo by Dan Russo

One of the new 2006 Chevrolet Impala RMPs
photos by Carl Caracciolo

1998 Chevrolet Lumina, 32 Pct. Youth/Domestic Violence car - 2005
a somewhat rare RMP, Luminas were only purchased in 1998
photos courtesy of Rich Flaherty, NYPD

"RMP at the gates"
photo by Dan Russo, Jr.

A/Lt. Johnson, and A/PO's Sanger, Gromet and DiPalma
protecting "the Gates" Art Exhibit in Central Park

RMP  "1313"
A Caprice repainted white- front.
White Caprice- rear.
Highway 1 Ford Crown Vic "slicktop."
MSTF Impala "slicktop"- front.
Impala "slicktop" rear.
Spotted near MSTF HQ- any ideas what that reads on the rear door window?
Question answered!

Sgt. Brian G. McInerney, PBMS (Ret'd) and PO Lou Haarstick, (Ret'd)
get an assist for advising early on that RMP 1277 was a 9-11 donation
but credit for supplying the inscription goes to
Sgt. Stephen Iannone of the 10th Precinct
'97 Ford Crown Vics . . .
. . .stripped and ready for auction.
Some things never change!
Disorder Control Unit vehicle

photo courtesy of Mike Fanning, NYPD retired,
and the NYPD Collectors Corner
Some of the newest units
- photos by Dan Russo -

Mounted Unit

Highway Tahoe
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