Motor Patrol

Not all patrolmen walked a beat . . .

some patrolled the City's streets and highways
in cars, on motorcycles and on scooters.

PO Robert Bilella on motorcycle #26 in front of HWY 3 garage, circa 1983
submitted by Bob Bilella NYPD, appointed 5/15/70, retired 7/2/90
Patrolman John F. Keefe of Motorcycle Precinct # 2 - circa 1962
photos courtesy of Det. Robert F. Sassok, NYPD-ret'd

Ptl. Keefe with an unknown officer after a Jamaica Bay rescue
Note Officer Keefe's service revolver in the two photos,
he was ambidextrous and shot expert both hands.
Patrolman checks out close call after a shootout - circa 1950
photo courtesy Kevin Reynolds, NYPD ESU

The officers have been identified as Ptl. Thomas Sexton on the left
and Ptl. James McCarthy on the right. The officers were in a running
gun battle with four men who had robbed a diner. Ptl. McCarthy shot and
wounded two of the bandits, one fatally. Both officers received detective
shields and medals of valor from the incident in 1953.
(Information received from Garry McCarthy,
son of Ptl. McCarthy and godson of Ptl. Sexton)
Ptl. Leonard Mendel looking sharp with 2 years on the job in the summer of 1953
Lenny was assigned to the 14th Pct. as a recorder however the radio car
in the photo was a loaner from the 16th Pct. - photo taken at the Fire Pier
on West 35th Street at the Hudson River, those are the air pumping
stations for the Lincoln Tunnel at 39th St. and 12 Ave. in the background
photos by Bob Wendorf, staff photographer, NY Daily Mirror
photos courtesy Lenny Mendel, NYPD ESD retired

Police Officers James Christopher (in the leather jacket)
and Patrick Dudgeon (in the winter blouse)
of the 48th Precinct at Third Avenue and Tremont Avenue in 1971
photo courtesy Patrick J. Dudgeon, NYPD

motorcycle officer Ptl. Arthur Erickson - circa 1930
photo courtesy of John Reilly, NYPD, Retired

1920 motorcycle officer
photo courtesy of John Reilly, NYPD, Retired

1920 motorcycle & sidecar
photo courtesy of John Reilly, NYPD, Retired

1920 bicycle cop
photo courtesy of John Reilly, NYPD, Retired

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