"the house" - Brooklyn South

The Precincts of the Patrol Borough of Brooklyn South

Brooklyn South precinct map- pre-1950's
(click map for larger image)

old 60th Precinct Station House 1950's (torn down)

old 60th Precinct Station House 1960's (torn down)

old 61st Precinct Station House on Ave. U and East 15th Street
built in 1906 as the 68th Pct., became the 61st in 1929
photo courtesy of John Reilly, NYPD Retired

62nd Precinct Station House June - 1984
photo courtesy of Dan Russo Jr.

old 63rd Precinct Station House in 1928 when it was the 35th Precinct
photo courtesy of Kevin Reynolds, NYPD ESU

old 64th Precinct Station House 1930's(?) (precinct abolished - torn down)

old 66th Precinct Station House 1930-40's
photo courtesy of Kevin Reynolds, NYPD ESU

new 66th Precinct Station House - August 1982
photo courtesy of Dan Russo Jr.

old 67th Precinct Station House 1930's(?)

old 67th Precinct Station House 2005 (corrected to still standing status)
Dan Russo Jr. photo

the current 67th precinct station house
in the summer of 2007
(submitted by Travis Alexander)

old 68th Precinct Station House 1930's(?) (still standing)

old 68th Precinct Station House (under reconstruction)

old 69th Precinct Station House 19(??) (torn down)

old 71st Precinct Station House 1960's (torn down)

Glenn Harris submitted these photos of the 71
where his father Howard Harris worked

the 71 circa 1976

the old 71 shortly before demolition

the 71 Anti-Crime checking out the
demolition and remembering the past

Howard Harris (on the left) on the first day of demolition
"Howie" still has the golden globe from the precinct flagpole

map of old 72nd Precinct circa 1966
as it existed prior to realignment after closure of the 64th Precinct

old 72nd Precinct station house on 5th Avenue and 16th Street
circa 1912 when it was the 144th Precinct

old 75th Precinct Station House (now vacant)

a view of the building when it was the 153rd Precinct

the old 17th Precinct (Brooklyn)
forerunner of the 75th Precinct
-photos and information courtesy of PO Seth Kaufman, NYPD-
This gem at 109 Bradford Street, Brooklyn was once the New Lots Town Hall
The 17th Precinct (ancestor of today's 75 Precinct) was lodged here for
over 18 years before moving to the station house at 484 Liberty Avenue

Yes- this old station house was, in fact, built in 1873

The peaked house in back of the store was the
home of the Town of New Lots Police from 1871-1873
Today it is known as 546 Liberty Avenue in Brooklyn

Some history:
In 1870, the Metropolitan Police Act was revoked by the State Legislature.
This left the towns in Kings County without police protection. In 1871,
New Lots organized a small force & quartered it in a rented house on
Liberty Avenue (still standing). On December 11th, 1873, the police
force moved into this newly built structure. The station house occupied
the 1st floor, lodging rooms were in the basement, and the Town Hall
offices were on the 2nd floor. On August 4th, 1886, the Town of New Lots
was annexed by the City of Brooklyn. The police force was merged into the
Brooklyn Police Department and renamed the 17th Precinct. On June 2nd, 1892,
the 17th Precinct moved to the new, larger station house at 484 Liberty Avenue.
On November 13th, 1899, the old Town Hall/17th Precinct became the 26th Ward
Homeopathic Hospital and Dispensary commonly known as the Bradford Street
Hospital which closed around 1934. the building is now a 2-family private house.

2 views of the old 76th Precinct Station House at Rapelye St. and Hamilton Ave.
1910's(?) and circa 1936
(pre-Union St. - razed to make way for the BQE)

In 1946 an old school building at 181 Union Street
replaced the 76 at Rapelye St.
it is believed that this is the school that was converted to the 76,
-in the 1970's a new 76th Precinct was built next door at 191 Union St.

1930 NYC Board of Education photo

78th Precinct station house circa 1930's
still in use today, seen as the "74th Precinct" in TV's "Brooklyn South"
this building also served as Brooklyn Headquarters and CU
photo courtesy of Chris McSweeney, NYPD

78th Precinct station house, recent photo
photo by JVM

old 82nd Precinct map (precinct abolished 1960's)

old 84th Precinct station house on Poplar Street - 2005

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