RMPs - Blue and White - Restorations

These vehicles have been restored by
their owners to represent NYPD radio cars
from the years 1973 to 1996.
They can often be seen at various car shows, police
functions and other events in the New York City area.

1973 Plymouth Fury

1974 Plymouth Satellite RMP restoration

1976 Pontiac Catalina
Highway RMP

1988 Plymouth
Gran Fury
78 Pct.

1988 Dodge
Highway 3

1988 Chevrolet Impala RMP restoration

1988 Mustang GT - ex-RMP 2995
a confiscated vehicle converted to Highway Precinct use
restoration project

1995 Chevrolet Caprice-
owned by
Johan Wiegman
of the Netherlands
Yes, the car is in Holland
NYPD cars are
popular in Eurpope
Johan has a website
for this car at
Johan's Webpagina

IMPORTANT NOTE: - POLICE N.Y. does NOT recommend,encourage or support the restoration of privately owned marked late model NYPD or other US or North American police, fire, EMS or other emergency vehicles within the US or Americas for reasons that should be obvious.

NYPD blue and white Chevrolet Caprice-
New York City Police Museum collection

NYC Housing Authority Police Plymouth-
New York City Police Museum collection

Transit Authority Poice Chevrolet
New York City Police Museum Collection

New York City
Police Museum
NYPD blue and white Caprice
on display outside
in the snow

New York City
Police Museum
HAPD Plymouth
on display outside
in the snow

There are always rumors of other older cars restored
as RMPs that supposedly now just sit hidden away
in garages or under tarps. If you know of any of these
vehicles pictures are always welcome and will be posted.

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