RMPs - Lights and Sirens Notes


In the early 1950's the Department experimented with several different emergency lights prior to adopting the red Federal Beacon Ray in 1956, mostly barrel lights of various sizes mounted on the POLICE light box or directly to the middle edges of the roof. Some examples are pictured below. Note the unusual tower mounted light. "Shaped like a lighthouse (that flashed) alternately in four directions", it was "only to be used when the car is parked on the roadway. . .not to be used when the car is on a radio run."

There are some photos of 1963 RMPs with roof mounted Pulsators and high skirt Beacons and reports that some of the 1963 model cars were delivered equipped with them.

There are reports of some 1963-72 Beacon Rays with clear bulbs in them. The shops may have used leftover supplies of clear bulbs from the red Beacon Rays as replacements.

Motorcycle Precinct 1971 RMPs were equipped with the 1972 Signal Stat style revolving light.

The Department also experimented with several different light bars before finally adopting the 1973 Signal Stat bar.

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