the Police Camp and Recreation Centre 2007 Reunion

Notice: 2008 Police Camp Reunion

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The Police Camp and Recreation Centre
August 4, 2007 Reunion

photos and information courtesy of
Joseph J. Gannon, NYPD retired

Joe Gannon attended the Police Camp Reunion with his wife, Rita, his sister, Regina, and NYPD retired Det. Bill Courtney and were warmly greeted by and enjoyed the great hospitality of the Bruderhof Platte Clove Community. Sad to say that only about a dozen former "Campers" showed. The children's choir was terrific, they sang "This Land is My Land." The community had soft ice cream and drinks and a member of the community was assigned to them to take them anywhere they wanted to go on the property and answer any questions. They had a picnic dinner prepared to be served community style on the lawn.

The Camp today

members of the Bruderhof Platte Clove Community

the children's choir

photos of old photos on the walls

the dining room then and now

the unveiling of the dedication

Joe Gannon and his sister, Regina,
sharing memories of The Camp
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