Ptl. - the Members of the Force on Patrol - page 18

Daniel R. Gerard,
Alameda (Calif.) Fire Department
and ex-Newark, NJ EMT
submitted these images of
the NYPD through the years

PO's David Stein and Howard Goldman March 1992

unidentified RMP crew July 1972
(and for comparison - the 1950's! - POLICE NY)

Ptl. Fred Sportack (on light duty) makes an off duty collar

the shooting of Malcolm X

Feb 21, 1965

early photo of Motorcycle officers
Charles Greenhagen and Murtha Leonard

Police Commissioner Enright Posing in His Office

Police Superintendent M. R. Brennan in His Office

New York Police Captain Sitting at Desk

Looking at mugshots

Dead and Dying Bombers

Armed Policemen Stopping Motorist

Policemen In Motorcycle Sidecar

Police Using Revolving Targets

Rookies Shooting At Target

New Police Officers Sworn In before the 1938 Worlds Fair

Young Man in Police Custody

Murder Scene of Johnny La Polla

Policeman looking at body

Policeman Inspecting a Body

Policemen Inspecting a Crime Scene

baby delivered

Policemen Escorting Lauren Bacall

Police Officer Carrying Children

Police Question Two Youths at Station

Teenagers Stand In Precinct After Arrest

Police Officer Holding Attempted Suicide

Police Containing Beatles Fans

Police Examining Trash Can Lodged in Window

Rioters Fighting in Harlem

Cop Cuddling Kid

Policeman Playing Volleyball with Youngsters

There is a story behind these 6 photos.
Did your parents ever yell at you to clean up your room-
"It looks like the Collyers brothers mansion!"
Well, this is the Collyer Brothers Mansion!
You can read the story here-
the Collyer Brothers Mansion

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