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Walking a beat or a covering a post . . .

it all started with a footman - the patrolman.

80th Precinct - second platoon - 1938
80th Precinct - 1952
(click on photo for larger image)

submitted by William A. Plant, NYPD retired
who was assigned to the precinct from 1951
until it closed in 1972

and by his son Bill Plant, SCPD

(3rd column 3rd row, W.PLANT)
Included in the above photo of the 80th Precinct is one
of the first black police officers to serve in the precinct,
Ptl. George Howell.

SPRING 3100 - November 1970

George became the precinct's Youth Officer and (with occasional
assistance from the rubber hose that he kept in his locker)
kept many of the precinct's errant youth on the straight and narrow.
George who was always there for the kids had their love and respect.
George continued his work in the 77th precinct when it absorbed
the 80th precinct in 1972.
Additional notes on the 80th Precinct.

No discussion of the 80th Precinct would be complete
without a mention of one of it's most famous (or infamous) members
- Patty Burke whose picture is included in the above 1952 8-0 photo

Here is the "Looking 'em over" column
from the May 1959 issue of SPRING 3100

FINAL NOTE: If anyone out there has articles on or
photos of Ptl. John Gleavey or Gleavy
who worked in the 80th Precinct during the 1950's
please send them along to POLICE N.Y.

Patrolmen from the 88th Precinct at a security
detail on 5th Ave.while Premiere Kruschev and
Fidel Castro address the UN in October of 1960
- photo courtesy of Charles E. Ford, NYPD retired -

(NOTE: Robert C. Conner, 105 Pct. retired, advised
   that the officer identified as "Richie Pirro"
   is actually "Richie Proano" who was also
assigned to the 105 at one time)
110th Precinct turning out at Christmastime
- photo courtesy of Wayne Consolla -

Winter ring in
- photo courtesy of Gary Gorman, NYPD ESU, ret'd -

Close inspection shows what looks like
"C" collar brass and Traffic patches-
Old "Traffic C" with experimental
traffic control/safety vests?
- photo courtesy of Kevin Reynolds, NYPD ESU -

A Patrolman's tools of the trade - early 1950's
note the "come along" "nippers" - the chain was
wrapped around the perpetrators wrist and could be
twisted and tightened until he complied with the
officers instructions - handcuffs were not
standard equipment until the mid 1950's
Patrolman Henry Cassidy (l.) and Robert Perrino (r.)
of the "Simpson St. station" (the 41st Precinct)
engage in "Operation Understanding" with a local
shopkeeper on Southern Blvd. - 1967
- submitted by Cathy Cassidy -

Photo of 42nd St. & 5th Ave. in 1920
with a Traffic Signal Tower
Note the cop in tower regulating traffic
- photo courtesy John Reilly, NYPD retired -

Working crowd control in Harlem in 1938
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