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The Tactical Patrol Force

The TPF was formed in 1959 to deal with rising crime
in New York City. They were also specially trained in crowd control.
TPF members were all volunteers but had to be young, at least 6 feet
tall and have high activity records as police officers. Assigned to
a special 6 PM to 2 AM 4th platoon they patrolled high crime areas
augmenting regular precinct patrols. During the turbulent 1960's
they proved themselves highly effective in not only fighting
crime but in controlling civil disorders.

Attention former TPF members:
10-1 the NYPDTPF Tactical Patrol Force NYPD board.

The TPF on patrol

The TPF were called upon to deal with the student
"takeover" of Columbia University in 1968

Obviously the radical "students" did not think
much of the work of the TPF in returning control
of the university to those lawfully charged with
it's operation so that those students actually
seeking an education could be provided with one.

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