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Officer photos and portraits
Christmas at the 78th Precinct in the late 1940's
Kneeling with cap, the late Ptl. James J. Finamore
Ptl. Finamore worked in the 77th Precinct for about 8 years
He Transferred to the 7-8 in 1938
and retired from the precinct in 1972

A portrait of Officer Finamore

A composite of Officer Finamore's Force Card

photos submitted by his son
Lt. Daniel J. Finamore, NYPD 1967-1987 (retired)
and by his grandson, James Finamore,
who also worked in the 7-8 from March 1997 to 2000

Can you help identify this officer?

This photo was submitted by Sgt. Kevin Mulrooney, NYPD
The photo was given to him by his grandfather, Michael Mulrooney
who was a NY Corrections Officer. The photo might be of a Sgt. Driscoll.
Officer Driscoll, or the officer in this photo, may have been killed
in the line of duty responding to a call when he fell from a trolley
and struck his head on the curb. The badge number on this cap device
appears to be 651. Anyone with information please Contact POLICE N.Y.
Please note: NYPD Angels shows a Sgt. John E. Hodgins
who died LOD under similar circumstances. Could this be Sgt. Hodgins?

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