Ptl. - the Members of the Force on Patrol - page 21

Casimir ( Charlie) J. Piwowarski Jr. Sh# 26373
Class of April 3, 1968
17Pct, 20Pct, MNTF, Traffic B, 83Pct, 94Pct.

Jackson & Manhattan, Greenpoint, 94 Pct.

Officer Piwowarski with wife Margaret carrying their overdue daughter,
Denise, at Mama Leoni's in Manhattan for the Finest of the Month Award
PBA Pres. Robert McKiernan is making presentation
of $500 award check to Mrs. Piwowarski

Santa (Ptl. McMahon) Ptl. Casimir J. Piwowarski Jr.
94 Pct. Christmas Party 1975

Ptl. Casimir J. Piwowarski Jr.
94 Pct... July 1978

on the job in Miami Beach 1979

photos courtesy Charlie Piwowarski, NYPD, retired

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