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Some Motor Patrol vehicle photos

78 Pct. 1958 Ford RMP and unmarked 1955 Ford on Wycoff St. (12/58)
submitted by Chris McSweeney, NYPD
Motorcycle Precinct #1 RMP and TPF vehicle
with window protective screens.
These screens were made in the Mcy. Pct. #1
speedometer shop by members of Mcy. Pct. #1
including retired Ptl. John M. Russo who submitted this photo.
Made under authority of the Motorcycle District and the
Motor Transport Division, they were distributed to all
Motorcycle Commands and were carried in the trunks of the RMPs.
They could be installed over the windows in minutes
for protective use during the riots of the 1960's.
Motorcycle precinct officer with Indian "wheel" - circa 1952
PO Lenny Abrams giving visiting Constable John Bolter a tour of Highway 3
(SPRING 3100 photo circa 1973)
Police Commissioner Lewis J. Valentine and Chief Inspector Alexander C. Anderson
inspect 63 new motorcycles at Police Headquarters
along with new prototype "white top" radio patrol cars - March 22, 1938
photos courtesy of the Chief's grandson, James McCafferty
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