TAPD - Early RMPs

The Transit Authority Police Department
as last known prior to the 1995 "hostile takeover"
was formed in 1955. Prior to that time it was under
the control of the New York City Police Department.
From these photos it appears that the early
Transit Police used RMPs similar to the NYPD
until becoming a separate department.

The date is May 15, 1955, the location is
McDonald Ave. and Cortelyou Rd. in Brooklyn
photo by and courtesy of Frank Pfuhler
ERA Sprague Library
-from "New York City Trolleys in Color"
by William D. Volkmer, Morning Sun Books (2002)

Black 4 door unmarked car with 2 door RMP

Note differences from NYPD cars:
Transit emblem, large car number on doors,
all green rear quarter panel, green matches PCC,
grille lights, driver side spotlight

Transit Police 1955 Ford RMP
all black cars from 1955/56 on
photo from "The American Encyclopedia of Police Cars"
by Ed Sanow - MBI Crestline Publishing (1999)

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