Highway Yearbook - 1979

Highway Yearbook - 1979

Ed Bauer is a 23 year veteran of the NYPD
who served in the old 16th Precinct (now Midtown South)
from 1959 to 1963, Motorcycle Precinct 4 (125th Street
and First Avenue - under the Triborough Bridge), and
Motorcycle Precinct 3 (old GCP) which later became
Highway Unit 3 and the Highway District office. He
retired from Highway Unit 3 in September 1980 and
sent us this well done Highway Yearbook from 1979.

The Highway Patrol Yearbook – 1979 was put together
by Ed and Joe Mink in that year, Joe having done
most of the photography and Ed the artwork. They
collaborated on the layout, text, and photo formats.

Some photos from John's career

From Ed: (This photo) ". . . is one taken of me together
with a young lady who was, if my memory serves me, Miss
Holland. It was a publicity photo for her tour. The photo
was taken at 50th Street and 6th Avenue, outside Radio
City Music Hall around Easter Show time. The year of this
photo is about 1960 or 61. I was just a young (23-24 year
old) guy at the time, and being assigned to this area
right out of the Academy was both exciting and a great
pleasure. A prime assignment for a young, single PO!!!!
Note the white gloves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"The second photo . . . is a photo of me on a 1962 or 63
Harley, silver (no radios, saddle bags, etc.) that I was
assigned shortly after arriving at Motorcycle 4 and
qualifying to patrol alone. In those days, after
passing the Motorcycle School, upon arrival at your
assigned command you had to patrol with an experienced
officer on the motorcycle, and in both a marked and
unmarked car before being allowed to go out on your own.
I believe you had to do at least twelve tours on/in each
vehicle. This picture is at the rear of the station
house which, as I said, was in a building directly
beneath the Manhattan end of the Triborough Bridge.
For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the
street, but it ran parallel to the East River Drive, from
125th Street to 116th Street. The Harleys were fast and
nimble. This particular one was a hand me down from a
previous “boss” assignment thus, the chrome wheels,
chain guard, and crash bars. Normally, these items were
painted black. As you can also see, we were still wearing
the “choker” blouse (which was tailored upon assignment to
motorcycle duty) and the Sam Brown strap across the shoulder."

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