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Celebrating 75 Years of Service
April 10, 1930 - April 10, 2005


Ptl. Leonard Mendel (left) and Arnold Moller (right) with REP 521 of ESS 9 in 1953
ESS 9 located at the 5-2 Precinct later became ESS 4
photo by Alan Arronson, photographer- free lance/N.Y. Daily News
photo courtesy of Ptl. Leonard Mendel, NYPD ESD, ret'd

Dec. 22, 1953 - vehicle accident involving 43rd Precinct RMP
REP 521 was on the scene at the time of the incident and handled the job
photo courtesy of Ptl. Lenny Mendel, NYPD ESS 3 and 4, ret'd

REP 1528 after being struck by a driver running a red light
at 156 Street and Bruckner Boulevard in the Bronx
the operator, Ptl. Leonard Mendel, suffered contusions and abrasions of the left rib,
the recorder, Ptl. Leonard Fusselman, suffered a broken rib in the accident
Ptl. Gillese, ESS 3 transfers equipment from REP to Truck 3
while Ptl. Arnold Moller, ESS 4 examines the damage
photos courtesy Lenny Mendel, NYPD ESD retired

Photos of REP 1528 before the wreck in front of ESS 3
quarters at the 42 precinct, 160th St. and Washington Ave., the Bronx

Truck 3 in front of quarters - May 16, 1960 - 8-4 tour

- Standing in the back row from left to right -
2 extra precinct men
Sgt. Clem Marino, ESS 3
Ptl. Lenny Mendel
2 extra precinct men
- Kneeling front row -
extra Ptl. John Bonfiglio (later assigned to ESS # 3
Emergency man Bill Gillece, ESS 3

- photo courtesy Lenny Mendel, NYPD ESU retired -

- Oct. 7 1966 -
Ptl. Lenny Mendel, ESS 3 and Arthur Kanning, ESS 4
remove body of accident victim from overturned truck

the truck driver was killed attempting to avoid hitting a car,
the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident fled the scene,
a third vehicle struck the truck but the driver was not seriously injured,

here is the photo that accompanied the News article

- the uninjured driver of the third vehicle happened to be a belly dancer.

photos courtesy Lenny Mendel, NYPD ESU retired

Emergency men assisting at end of a bank robbery chase
photo courtesy Kevin Reynolds, NYPD ESU

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