ESD - the Bomb Squad

The Bomb Squad

The LaGuardia-Pyke Bomb Truck and members of the Bomb Squad at work.
The trucks pull trailers with a woven steel mesh cage in which the bomb or other device is transported. The cage is designed to contain any fragments or debris should the bomb explode in transit, at the same time dissipating the explosive gases. The "suits" were designed to minizize injury to an officer if a bomb
goes off in the process of trying to disarm it or walk it to the Bomb Truck.

the LaGuardia-Pyke Bomb Carrier truck
designed by Lt. James A. Pyke, CO of the Bomb Squad in 1940 at the direction of
Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia after the loss of Detetives Joseph J. Lynch and Ferdinand J. Socha of the Bomb Squad when a bomb exploded at the New York World's Fair on July 4, 1940

officers of the Bomb Squad at work

Bomb Squad detectives Mulligan (left) and Heslin (right)
dismantling an incindiary device - November 12, 1969
photo courtesy of Harvey Frey

W. 11th Street in the Village - March 10, 1970
a group of radicals unsuccessfully attempted to create a bomb

photo courtesy of Harvey Frey

new Bomb Truck on delivery - 1965

Bomb Truck - 1990
photo courtesy of Phil Franchina, NYPD

Quarters of the Bomb Squad in Manhattan - 2005
Dan Russo, Jr. photo

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