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the Gannon family
in the NYPD

photos courtesy of
Joseph J. Gannon, NYPD retired

John J. Gannon, Sr.
(grandfather of Joseph J. Gannon)
a bicycle officer assigned to the 21st, later 15th precinct
retired from the 44 precinct

Patrick Gannon
(brother of John J. Sr.)
Patrolman, 52 precinct

Edward F. Gannon
(son of John J. Sr.)
appointed 3/19/1936, retired 5/31/71
Patrolman in the 45 and 46 precincts
Det. Lt. for over 20 years
Sqd. CO in the 46, 25 and 44 Squads

John (Jack) Gannon, Jr.
(son of John J. Sr.)
Det. First Grade- 23 Pct.,
5th Squad and 42 Squad

George "Red" Gannon
(son of Patrick)
52 Pct., Auto Squad

Joseph J. Gannon
(son of Edward F.)
(grandson of John J., Sr.)
Det.- Narcotics Bureau
18th Squad and Special Frauds

Sgt. Kevin Gannon
(son of George)
52 Pct., 52 Squad

Postal Inspector Edward F. Gannon
(son of Joseph J. Gannon)

Jack Caulfield
Note: Jack's shield number - 911 -
issued to him on June 1, 1953
First assigned to the 46 Precinct in the Bronx
Jack was transfered to BOSSI as a detective in 1955
receiving Jack Gannon's gold shield # 1420
Jack Caulfield and Edward F. Gannon were cousins
-photo courtesy of Jack Caulfield-

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