Emergency Service Division - REPs

Celebrating 75 Years of Service
April 10, 1930 - April 10, 2005

Emergency Service Division REP's

Radio Emergency Patrol cars

1948 Plymouth REP - the first REP
1949 Ford REP - note barrel light on roof light and fender lights
1952 Ford REP and the newer 1953 FORD "sedan delivery" type REP
1953 Ford REP
courtesy of Kevin Reynolds, NYPD ESU

1953 Ford REP with equipment display
1957 Ford REP
1962 International REP
Chevrolet REP with Ptl. Lenny Mendel holding Thompson SMG
taken in September of 1971 just before Lenny's retirement
Lenny used the photo for his "QSL" cards
photo courtesy of Leonard Mendel, NYPD ESD Retired

Emergency Service District REP - 1974
photo courtesy of Kevin Reynolds, NYPD ESU

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