RMPs - Lights and Sirens

These are the basic emergency light and siren
combinations used on New York City Police Department
radio cars between 1934 and 1973.

The first POLICE roof light
a metal POLICE sign mounted atop a red light
circa 1934-5 (see photo on RMPs 1930's page)
- thanks to Ned Schwartz for the information -

POLICE light box
1937 to 1955
roof mounted
red glass front
white lettering

light operation unknown
may have been wired to be "on" with ignition
or at night with headlights
or only used while on runs
may have blinked when used on runs

Federal Beacon Ray
Model 17
1956 to 1962
2 clear bulbs
under a red dome

Federal Beacon Ray
Model 175
clear dome
4 bulbs
3 red and 1 amber
2 opposite reds
angled one up
and the other down

Federal Beacon Ray
Model 175H
1964 to 1971
similar to 1963 but with a high skirt
to clear the new roof mounted siren

Signal Stat
revolving light
same bulb arrangement
as 1963 to 1971

Signal Stat light bar
1973 to 1977
4 lamp revolving light at each end of bar
2 red 2 white lamps electronic siren middle of bar
barrel light between siren and each revolving light
flashing red front amber rear
Click here to hear the unique 1973 electronic siren

Federal siren
19?? to 1962
underhood mount
Click here to hear a Model 28 siren

Federal "Pulsator" siren
underhood mount version used 1963
chrome roof mounted 1964 to 1972

"flapper" mounted in front cone
caused siren pitch to continually rise and fall
Click here to hear a Pulsator siren

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