REMA - Day of Remembrance - 2005

REMA is the Retired Emergency Man's Association.
It was created to keep people in touch with others
who were assigned to, or had a connection with,
the NYPD Emergency Service Unit.

Each year REMA holds an annual "Day of Remembrance"
to show respect for and to pay homage to those
members of ESU who have died in the line of duty
since the unit was started in April, 1930.
Here are some photos from this years event.

9-11 Memorial to All NYPD Officers

Presentation of the Colors by the Honor Guard

REMA dais (l-r)
ESU CO Insp. James Dean,     SOD CO Ass't. Chief Charles Kammerdener,
Det. Tony Sanpietro (REMA), ESS 8 (Ret'd),     Lt. Al Baker (REMA), ESU (Ret'd),
NYPD Chaplain Fr. Robert J. Romano

Al Baker read the Roll Call of the twenty-five members of the
Emergency Service Unit who made the ultimate sacrifice
in the line of duty since the official beginning
of the Emergency Service Division on April 10, 1930
including the historical account of each incident

ESU Truck 7 and REP

LaGuardia bomb carrier

newest Aviation helicopter

the restored NYPD RMPs of Glenn Sokolofsky

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