RMPs - the 1960's

The only thing that did not change in the 1960's was
the green, black and white color scheme- . . .

New reflective graphics replaced POLICE N.Y. on the hood and trunk and the command stencils
on the doors. The Beacon Rays received clear domes and 4 lamps with red and amber bulbs.
Chromed "Pulsator" sirens were mounted to the roof. The long antennas were gone.
Even the "sedan delivery" REPS were gone, replaced with panel truck type vehicles.

1960 Dodge Dart
note missing POLICE N.Y. on hood
(this was likely a Motorcycle Precinct car)
the new graphics are retrofits

1961 Plymouth- the last of the POLICE N.Y. radio cars.
New graphics added and the earlier cars were retrofitted with them as well.

front view of new 1961 Plymouth RMP showing new hood graphics
photo courtesy APO Mike DiPalma, NYPD, HWY 1

1962 Dodge Dart
POLICE N.Y. now gone from hood and trunk

1962 Rambler Classic
In 1962-63 the NYPD experimented with compact patrol cars
including Ramblers and Studebakers - Car 1203 of the 80th precinct

1963 NYPD vehicle lineup showing 1963 Plymouth RMP
with new clear dome Beacon Rays with 4 lamps in red and amber
photo courtesy APO Mike DiPalma, NYPD, HWY 1

1963 Plymouth RMP
1964 Plymouth- "Pulsator" sirens added to the roof
1965 Plymouth RMP
1966 Chevrolet RMP
1966 Chevrolet RMP with new McDermott "hi-riser" bar added to the roof
1966 Chevy showing new door shield               International Scout RMP in Central Park
1966 Chevy and 1967 Plymouth RMPs from the rear
1967 Plymouth RMP
1968 Plymouth RMP
1968 Plymouth RMP
submitted by Gregor Wendor (photo credit Ned Schwartz)

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