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The Precincts of the Patrol Borough of Queens

Queens precinct map- pre-1950's
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North Beach (Astoria), Queens 74th Sub-Precinct
opened in 1899 this was a resort area built in 1886 by
William Steinway the piano manufactuer, intended to be a family resort,
the Coney Island of Queens but by the late 1890s had become the
"Monte Carlo" of Greater New York with all kinds of gambling
The 74th Sub-Precinct operated mainly during the summer months,
other times the 74th (Long Island City) Precinct provided police service
The North Beach area flourished until World War I and Prohibition
In 1929 a private airfield was built on the site, today it's LaGuardia Airport.
information and photo courtesy John Reilly, NYPD Retired

another image of the above photo
courtesy of Andrew Beirne, NYPD "Fighting 9th"

old 85th Pct. station house - the old Meyer Mansion
Elm and Sherman Avenues in Glendale
opened May 1, 1906, became 285th in 1908, closed circa 1914
information and photo courtesy John Reilly, NYPD Retired

old 282nd Pct. - Jackson Hall, Broadway near Ocean Ave.
covered Ozone Park, Woodhaven and part of Glendale
established Sept. 1, 1908, abolished June 10, 1914
information and photos courtesy John Reilly, NYPD Retired

circa 1908
18th Sub. Precinct
located in the Richmond Hill Town Hall at Johnson and Jamaica Aves.
opened in 1894 it became the 83rd Pct. in 1907
in 1908 200 was added to all Queens precinct numbers and it became the 283rd Pct.
information and photo courtesy John Reilly, NYPD Retired

the 100th Precinct station house and !!!!!

the 100th Precinct station house - June 1984
photo by Dan Russo Jr.

the 101st Precinct station house - June 1984
photo by Dn Russo Jr.

102nd Precinct station house
submitted by Gregor Wenda
photographed by Sgt. Andrew Nelson, NYPD retired

103rd Precinct station house - June 1973
submitted by Gregor Wenda (photo credit Ned Schwartz)

Old 105 pct. at 92nd Ave. & 222 St., Queens Village
also known as the Creedmore Pct. building
demolished and a new SH erected on the same site
submitted by Robert C. Conner, 105 Pct. NYPD retired

Photos submitted by the 106th Community Affairs Officer Kenneth Zorn

106th Precinct softball team taken after a 1953 game
106th Precinct 1954 softball team
World Trade Center - 1999
the 106 station house taken in 2003

108th Precinct station house - 2006

old 109th Pct. station house
42 North Prince St., Flushing, Queens - demolished 1970
an old dwelling house converted into a station house in 1900/1901,
it was the 65th Pct. from 1924 to 1929 when it became the 109th Pct.
information and photo courtesy John Reilly, NYPD Retired

old 110th Precinct Station House at Broadway and Justice in Newtown
1907 images when it was the 60th Precinct

current 110 Precinct on 43rd Avenue in Elmhurst
opened Jan. 13, 1940, 1947 photo

photos and information courtesy Andrew Beirne and John Reilly

Another view of the current 110th Pct. station house
the assigned command of Officer Joseph Consolla from 1939 to 1964
photo courtesy of Wayne Consolla

the 110th Precinct station house - 1980's
photo by Dan Russo Jr.

the old 111th Pct. station house
214th Street and Elsie Place (41st Ave.) Bayside, Queens -demolished 1968
former volunteer Fire House built in 1912
the City purchased the building in 1929 and opened it as the 111th Pct.
information and photo courtesy John Reilly, NYPD Retired

old 112th Precinct Station House on 72nd St. in Maspeth - 2005
Dan Russo Jr. photos

old 114th Precinct Station House on 30th Avenue in Astoria - 2004
Dan Russo Jr. photo

post card showing the old 114th precinct as the 274th precinct
it was originally the 1 st precinct when Astoria was still a town
it became the 74th precinct in 1899,
the 274th in 1908 and the 111th in 1918
before finally becoming the 114th in 1929
- information source Det. John Reilly, NYPD retired
photo submitted by Mike Fanning, NYPD retired, NYPD Collectors Corner

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