Motor Patrol - page 5

More photos of officers assigned to Motor Patrol

Ptl. Robert Conner patrolling sector 105-Adam,
147th Ave. & Springfield Blvd. circa 1968/69

Ptl. Dennis J. Conner, 6th Precinct (Robert's brother)

photos courtesy of Robert C. Conner, 105 Pct. NYPD retired

Frank Rochford 17th Precinct in RMP sitting (1952)
photo above included in the below
17th Precinct Memorial Wall of Honor photo
(click on photo to see a larger image)

Frank Rochford in the 109 "Son of Sam" Squad (August 1977)

photos courtesy of Thomas Rochford

Bob Checco, NYPD, Ret'd submitted this great photo from 1957
of Motorcycle cops Bobby Pearce,Vinny Starace and . . . Bobby Checco!
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