Ptl. - the Members of the Force on Patrol - page 24

more officer photos and portraits
Ptl. Charles Clavin, Grand Central Parkway precinct - 1955
(submitted by his son Kevin Clavin)

rookie Officer Thomas P. Hargrove in 1933
(submitted by his grandson Charles J. Hargrove)
(excellcent NY area scanner web site of Charles can be found at -

Officer Walter S. Sargent shield number 8869 with his force card
(submitted by his grandson Charles Dehnert)

Various collector photos, origins unknown
(submitted by Klaus Hinkelmann, Munich Police Dept.

PO Ralph Cohen came on the job in 1978 working first
in the 1-0-3 and then in the old 4-4 on Sedgwick Avenue
1979 graduation photo with Mom and 2 years later in the 4-4
(submitted by PO Ralph Cohen, retired)

Police Officers Julio C. Martinez (left) and Jon W. Hudson (right)
in Sector 7-6 David end a midnight tour i/f/o the house - April 2, 1978
PO Martinez retired in 2001 as a 2nd Grade Detective Intelligence Division
PO Hudson having retired earlier as a Captain in Patrol Borough Bronx
(submitted by Julio Martinez

Ptl. Victor J. Nelson- served from 1928 to 1948
in the 9th and then 18th precinct (now Midtown North)
(submitted by his son Elwood Nelson)

PO Russ Brunetto (left) next to his partner PO Charles Dimino
and plain clothes PO Frank Domingo on the right
(standing in front of the 113 pct. circa mid 1970's)
The dog looking up at them is a civilian owned dog
who took a curiosity in them.

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