PTL. - the Members of the Force on Patrol - page 10

"Patrolman" or "Police Officer"
either way - "the New York's Finest"

Ptl. Ken Floyd receives the 41st Precinct 1966 Citizen's Council Award
from left to right- Capt. Ferrar, skipper 41 Pct.
Deputy Police Commissioner Theresa Melchione
unidentified person, Ptl. Ken Floyd
and Dr. Izquierdo, Council Pesident

the Award Certificate

photos courtesy of Ken Floyd, NYPD, retired (1951-71)
32 Pct., Queens Boro Office and the 41 Pct. (Fort Apache)

Police Officer Robert Emmett Fitzsimmons (Fitz),
Midtown North (the old 18th Pct.), a Combat Cross recipient
on 54th Street between 6th & 7th Ave. in the summer of 1979

submitted by his sister, Patricia Gatti

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