RMPs - the 1950's

The 1950's saw two major changes- . . .

the POLICE roof light was replaced by a revolving red light and the Department switched to 4 door patrol cars. The red "Beacon Ray" often refered to as the "turret" or "dome" light became standard equipment in 1956 and 1958 saw 4 door sedans mixed in with the last of the "business coupe" radio cars. Other changes included 2 door station wagons known as a "sedan delivery" replacing the 2 door REP coupes and experimental vehicles such as Jeeps being added to the patrol fleet.

1950 Plymouth "business coupe" RMP
1952 Ford Mototorcycle Precinct car
1952 Ford RMP
1954 Plymouth RMP

61st Precinct 1954 Plymouth radio car in 1954
1955 FORD RMP - the last cars with the POLICE roof light
1955 FORD radio car in color
1956 Chevrolet RMPs - first cars with revolving red Beacon Ray lights
1957 Ford RMP - note passenger side spotlight only in 1957
1957 Fords with roof mounted speedometers
1958 Ford - the last 2 door radio cars
1958 Ford - the first 4 door radio cars
new 1958 Ford radio cars being delivered to the Motor Transport shops
photo courtesy of APO Mike DiPalma, NYPD, HWY 1

Jeep RMP
1959 Ford RMP
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