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more officer photos and portraits
48th Precinct Retirement/Promotion/Transfer dinner
May 20, 1957 at Alex & Henry's on Courtland and East 161st in the Bronx
LEFT front to rear: George Goerhing, Tom Mullins,
Rich Perdoncin, Warren Stranierie, Kenny Uhl
RIGHT front to rear: Joe Ulrich, Bill Hawkins,
Mike Terilli, Charlie Mayo, Mel Waxman
Tom Mullins, Warren Stranierie, Kenny Uhl and Mike Terilli
were all assigned to the Bronx DA Squad in the early '70s
- submitted by Tom Mullins, NYPD retired -

Photos submitted by Jim Hogan, NYPD retired

1st Police Trainee graduation class- July 1964
Left to right: Jim Hogan, Frank Murphy and Anthony Grosso

Jim Hogan, Steve Ward and Dennis Mocarski of the 103rd Precinct
at the scene of a perp who severely burned himself while making explosives

Jim Hogan, Bill Telep, Steve Ward and Dennis Mocarski
detailed to Queens General Hospital
during the city hospital strike in 1976

Family photos submitted by Steven Stasiuk Jr.
Lt. US Secret Service Uniformed Division

Steven Stasiuk Sr. served in the 40th Pct.

Grandfather Eugene Stasiuk served in the 48 Pct. and 83 Det. Squad

Maternal Grandfather Dave Caming served in the 67 and
Grand Central Parkway Pcts. retiring as Detective

The photo below was submitted by 2nd grade detective
Michael Alcazar. His words accompanying the photo follow it.

I was looking at the photos on your website when I saw on page 23
an old co worker of mine Steve Stasiuk. My name is Mike Alcazar
(Filipino officer in photo) and Steve was one of my early mentors
working in the 83 precinct. I had about a year and a half on and
Steve was near retirement. He was transferred in from the 40 Pct
and I was fresh out of FTU 17. Steve was an old timer but was always
eager to help out a young officer. He was instrumental in my development
into a patrol officer. I have twenty three years now and currently am a
second grade detective. I will never forget Steve who's nickname was "Flash"
and what a great officer and friend he was. It would be my honor if you would
post this picture of myself and Steve on your website. The officer in the
glasses was PO Anthony Pollazo assigned to Brooklyn North Task Force.

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